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Waldorf Teacher Training Program

1.    Characteristics
The program unites domestic and foreign Waldorf educators to cultivate ideal teachers in the future so as to create a society, which values the uniqueness of each individual and develops towards freedom, equality, and love.  It also aims to unite education with life, creating cooperative, harmonious, mutual growing dynamic communities. Moreover, reflecting and sharing time is arranged to increase communication among the members to achieve mutual development.


2.    Planning of curricula
The Center cooperates with Freie Hochshule, Mannheim, Germany, and the curricula
are designed according to the structures of Waldorf teachers’cultivating courses of that institution. 

3.   Faculty membersProf
Dr. Ernst Schuberth, Freie Hochshule Mannheim specialized in anthroposophy,
math education, science education.founder of Freie Hochshule Mannheim.
Dr. Gunter Keller
, Freie Hochshule Mannheim 
specialized in anthroposophy, Waldorf pedagogy, geology, humanistic education
senior Waldorf teacher
(grade 1 to grade 8 whole-course teaching experience;
grade 9 to grade 12 teacher of geography and philosophy).
now teaching in Freie Hochshule Mannheim, in charge of teachers’ training and cultivation work.
familiar with geology, the study of man, theories of knowledge,Waldorf pedagogy.

Lothar Steinmann, Berlin Waldorf Teachers’ Training Center
specialized in Anthroposophy, Waldorf pedagogy, music education.
senior homeroom teacher and music teacher founder of Hamburg Teachers’Training center.
professor of Hamburg Teachers’ Training Center; professor of Berlin Teachers’ Training Center.
professor of the Pedagogical section of the Goetheanum,
guiding and assisting Waldorf educational communities and teachers’ training courses in Croatia,Tokyo and Yokohama Waldorf schools. 

Lin Li-jen ,Vice-Director of CWE
specialized in Eurythmy, art education,
foundation theories and applications of Waldorf education,
form drawing, story-telling workshops   





Prof. Dr. Ernst Schuberth




Dr. Gunter Keller 




Lothar Steinmann